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  • ⌈Objective is to focus on individuals to have better understanding and speak Korean better.⌋

    Kimko Korean Home tuition gives you more options, personal attention and most importantly flexibility to learn Korean Language in Singapore.

    Cannot find the suitable course you want to study?
    Cannot find the suitable schedule?
    Cannot catch up with group lesson?
    Do you want to learn simple daily conversation for short trip to Korea? 
    You cannot come every week to study? No, worries.  Come only when you are free.
    You have studied Korean for some time, but cannot read and speak Korean fluently?
    If so,please contact me for 1:1 tuition (fee: S$ 70 per hour).
    If you have friend who can study with you, you can do tuition for 2~3 person (fee for group tuition : S$100 to be shared by the group)
    You can choose the textbook/come any day, any time available/cancel the lesson/ pay after the lesson. And as it is a small group tuition, you can start the lesson any time if the time is available.


    Korean Tuition Fee
    (ONE HOUR)
    (1 AND 1/2 HOUR)
    1 to 1
    S$ 70
    S$ 100
    group of 2 or 3 pax
    S$ 100
    group shares the fee
    S$ 150
    group shares the fee
    *** If you cannot afford the cost, you can opt for one hour lesson or can come once a two weeks. Schedule is flexible. It is not necessary to have lesson every week if you are busy. You can come only when you want to come.