About Korean Tutor


About Korean Tutor

Korean language home tuition to offer Korean lesson in Singapore (Bukit Batok one stop away from Jurong East).
(Learn Korean language, Singapore!)

I am teaching Korean at home. So, if you want to learn Korean by 1:1 tuition, join me.

About Korean Tutor

  • Graduated from Seong Shin Women’s university in Seoul Korea.
  • Acquired English teacher’s license for Secondary/high school.
  • Completed on-line Korean teacher’s training course in Seoul National university.
  • Taught Korean in Singapore Korean school.
  • Taught Korean at NUS Extension (from 2007 to April 2013) (taught Basic level to Advance level using Sogang /Yonsei / Kyong Hee textbook).
  • Home-based full time Korean tutor since June 2013 after closure of Korean language program at NUS Extension.
  • In-house course at Samsung, Uni bank, CJ Korea Express (2017), Korea Plaza (KTO) (2010 , Gardens by the Bay (Year 2017), East View Secondary School (Year 2018)

I have been teaching Korean language for many years in several Korean language schools in Singapore. While I was teaching Korean language at NUS Extension, I learnt many things to be a better teacher.

After teaching Korean language at NUS Extension for 6 years, I decided to start home tuition as NUS Extension closed down language department.

It was time for me to start something (Korean language home tuition) always I wanted to do. I wanted to teach Korean language in my unique way rather than teaching Korean using certain textbook only.

I hope to teach Korean language from home and realise my dream.

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