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Learn Korean Online

 Online lesson is available via Skype whether you are in Singapore or any other country.

Are you worried about textbook? If you are first time learner and do not have any book, I can recommend you book. But if you do not want to buy any text book, I can send you scanned copy for each lesson.

If you studied Korean before and want to continue using your existing book, I will use the same book for online lesson.

Learn Korean online with me 1:1 via Skype. Try to connect me via Skype to see how it works and decide whether to start online lesson with me.

Sample lesson with existing student

Online Korean lesson via Skype This student is a fast learner. So, I talked very fast. I adjust the speed according to the student's learning ability

Posted by Kim Kwang Ok on Saturday, 5 August 2017

How to learn Korean online?

Log in to Skype to learn korean online with me .
Sending File
I share my screen and send the file to use for the lesson.
Writing Notes
I use Word, Paint. Scanned file..etc to explain and write the note.
Sending Notes
Send the note via Skype to you at the end of the lesson
Homework will be given if it is required to you at the end of the lesson.