Xin Yee
September 25, 2017

Kim Kwang Ok 선생님 taught me Korean Language for almost two years. She is a responsible and experienced teacher who conducts teaching in a systematic and interesting way.

The course materials she prepares are comprehensive and useful. The grammar exercises she set for us can help to strengthen and consolidates our knowledge of grammar. Through the conversation we go through repeatedly with peers during lesson time, we will immediately master the use of grammar. Apart from grammar learning, she often teaches us some useful vocabularies which are not covered in the textbook.

Besides, she introduces a lot of interesting Korean culture to us. Sometimes she shows different website link for us to discover the uniqueness of Korea culture. She invites Korean friends to our lesson for the culture and language exchange. That benefits us in the way that we get to apply what we learnt through the conversation with Korean friends. Whenever we have any query, she explains to us patiently until we get the idea correctly.

Nitasya Ibrahim
September 25, 2017

Kim Kwang Ok 선생님 was my very first Korean language teacher. I started learning Korean in 2009 and for two years, she has taught me at NUS Extension and I was able to grasp the language well from the beginning.

She is patient and kind, but more importantly, she is a very good Korean teacher. She is able to help students build their foundation in the language so that they will be able to learn and understand grammar concepts well later on in the course of learning.

She also introduces her students to Korean culture, and her lessons are fun and interactive. I was able to understand the language better through her insights about Korean culture and way of life.

선생님 덕분에 now I am in Korea pursuing my Masters degree. I am now able to converse well in Korean and my life in Korea is enriching and enjoyable.